Maintaining your weight after a Weight Loss Program

Maintaining your weight after a Weight Loss Program
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What do you do after your have completed the weight loss program and achieved your target weight? Well, most people stop exercising, go back to their old habits and the result is just awful as they gain weight rapidly and end up weighing more that what they weighed before the start of their weight loss program. They make a ‘profit’ in body weight.

Now questions are asked what one should so to avoid ‘profiteering’ after a weight loss program. Is a challenge to loose weight but it’s a bigger challenge preventing it from coming back. Once you have reached your target weight you need to start a weight maintenance program of your own which is aimed at maintaining your weight at a steady level at least for a year or two. By then the body will automatically adjust to the new weight and loose its tendency to put on the weight again.

The weight maintenance program is not as strict as your weight loss program but requires a constant vigil on your weight. You can continue your exercise routine with some modifications. In place of 7days a week you can make it 4 days a week working out every alternate day. Your diets may also be some what relaxed but try not to have fat rich food. In case you must have the fatty foods give an extra day for burning those extra calories. The main thing to monitor is how many calories your food gives you. You target calories intake must not be more than 85% of the recommended normal intake of the calories.While you must maintain the calorie intake at 85% your must keep on your regular exercising. It is usually recommended to follow a one hour morning walk coupled with a leash on your calorie intake will help you to maintain the weight. Once your weight stabilizes over a period of year to two you can further relax your maintenance program still further.

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