Body Fitness Granville

Body Fitness Granville

The MissWorldCanada Pageant Week brought out the athletic side of the delegates in the Steve Nash Fitness Challenge carried out in none other than the Steve Nash Gym on Granville!

The girls got their bodies working with various warm up stretches, jumps, push ups and sit ups; all done to access the fitness levels of the 2013 delegates.

The secret to a healthy life is none other than good ol’ exercise and this is definitely an important message to put out there for young women everywhere, especially in a world where the media depicts beauty as being stick thin.

A key aspect to beauty that MissWorldCanada strives to put forth is the beauty that is found in all shapes and sizes and how being fit is different from being stick thin; stick thin does not equal being healthy either.

Exercise for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In preparation for the big day, the delegates of MissWorldCanada 2013 have also been working hard at rehearsals choreographed by Stephanie Sy; an award winning dance instructor and choreographer that has appeared in movies such as Percy Jackson; The Lightning Thief, HellCats and many more; so guests can expect a very entertaining show. Definitely don’t miss out as tickets are still up for sale on TicketMaster!!


Losing 10 pounds

2009-11-02 08:56:15 by paul83

How long it takes you to lose 10lbs depends on your body and the amount of work you put in. It is safe to lose about 2-3 pounds a week for a person who is 10 lbs over weight and is in good health. I dont know if I would cut my calorie intake to 1500, it all depends on how much you eat now and what your activity level will be. To know what kind of diet you should be on, one would have to know mor...nds before December.
I know this is the womens section, so sorry for intruding! I meant to click on wine to find some info on wineries in the el paso area, but saw this question and thought I would try to help. I worked at a gym for two years during college and helped many people accomplish their fitness goals. I also suggest checking out some fitness websites for ideas as well. Good Luck