Pace Express Review

Pace Express Review

Are you looking for Pace Express review that will give you a little insight on the new weight loss program that might be able to help you decide whether or not its right for you?

pace express review
Pace Express

If you’re here, I’m sure you have already heard a little about Pace Express or are just looking for a complete review on what the program is, how it works, and what it actually has to offer.

Usually I would recommend being careful when trying new weight loss programs such as Pace Express, because they are usually pretty difficult to determine how effective they are until they have been out long enough for information and testimonials come out, but we’ll take a chance and share with you everything we can about Pace Express!

Pace Express Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Pace Express Price: $59.85

Pace Express is a new home fitness and weight loss program that bases itself around “progressive dynamic muscle sequencing” rather than traditional cardio and traditional exercises. Progressive dynamic muscle sequencing is high intensity quick workouts that are designed to keep your body burning in a fat burning state long after your exercise has been completed.

What Pace Express Includes

The great thing about Pace Express is that it comes with tons of great freebies that will definitely help you get the most out of your experience.
Lets take a look at exactly what it is that Pace Express includes in their weight loss program:

  • 6 dvds for 6 weeks of High Intensity Fat Burning Training
    – Each video is great for targeting certain problem areas and contain any different workouts and movements great for keeping your body guessing and allowing you to push through plateus.
  • 7 Steps To High Speed Weight Loss
    – This guide is going to teach you things you will never want to forget when it comes to eating right and dieting. Learn why counting calories won’t help you lose weight, why eating fat doesn’t actually make you fat, and why “traditional” exercises don’t keep you thin!
  • On The Go Nutrition Pocket Guide – Let me tell you, this thing is amazing! This little nutrition reference guide will save your butt constantly, especially when dining out and not knowing which foods you should be eating.
  • Dr. Sears Gourmet Cookbook – Again, this thing is amazing! Dr. Sears is going to show you what to eat, how to eat, how to cook, and make it all delicious at the same time!
  • Body-fat Calipers – Pace Express provides you a free pair of body fat calipers so that you can track your body fat and your transformation!

Why Pace Express Works

Pace Express was created by Dr. Al Sears, a medical doctor, board certified nutritionist, a strength training coach, and an ACE certified fitness trainer. With Pace Express, Dr. Al Sears has helped well over 60,00 people change their lives through weight loss and fitness.

He created Pace Express around a 12 minute a day exercise program and diet plan that naturally increases the body’s metabolism and puts the body in a continuous metabolic fat burning state, keeping the body burning calories even when you’re not working out!