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Can someone give me advice in picking out healthcare? I just recently got hired and I am filling out my benefits package, but I am not too experienced in it. I was wondering whats the difference between a POS and a HMO? My choices for health plans are: United ChoicePlus POS, Aetna HMO, Cigna HMO, HIP HMO, and I think there are some others. Out of these choices, which would you pick and why? Thanks so much in advance!!

To hotmomma: That would be great! If I can ask you some more about the plans, I would appreciate it so much!!

To hotmomma: That would be great! If I can ask you some more about the plans, I would appreciate it so much!! My email is

I would go to my Human Resource person in charge of benefits and talk with them and get some pamphlets on each on..It will explain cost, out of pocket expense like deductibles, limits to your insurance, what is covered, where you have to go for care, what hospital you need to go to...HMO are health maintains organizations and they work on the principle that you pay each month, are in a group of people that weighing all things you will be in good health and not need their services..therefore they pocket the what most any insurance is banking on..I would talk with some people with your company and ask them what they have and how it works for them..One thing I will say is that make sure you study each type of insurance and make sure it will take care of you if you are sick or insurance is very expensive and it is very important to have.. Aetna Health Care in the Northern Kentucky Area? I am enrolling in health care for the first time ever from my job. I was wondering if anyone had an information on Aetna healthcare. Ive heard that some doctors actually dont take Aetna in the northern KY area. Im not sure. Can someone give me some information?

Hope it does if not maybe someone can point you in the right direction.

Is there a lowere health insurance option out there? My wife works for Aetna and our insurance is like 5/month for the 2 of us. Is that a decent price? Or could we get it lower somewhere else even though she works for aetna?

Catastrophic insurance is the cheapest type i know, i found some information on it and other types, check When I worked at Kaiser Permanente, they gave me insurance for free. But if I had put my husband on it, it would have cost for me AND for him. I think you have a good deal.

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